Tests show potential for medicinal cannabis to kill cancer cells

medicinal cannabis kills cancer

Laboratory tests conducted at the University of Newcastle and Hunter Medical Research Institute have shown that a modified form of medicinal cannabis can kill or inhibit cancer cells without impacting normal cells, revealing its potential as a treatment rather than simply a relief medication. The significant outcome follows three years of investigations by cancer researcher Dr […]

California pot dispensaries are open during coronavirus crisis. Some want them closed

california pot dispensaries

SACRAMENTO —   In designating California pot dispensaries as essential under the state’s COVID-19 stay-at-home order, the administration of Gov. Gavin Newsom has argued that the health benefits of keeping pot shops open outweigh the risks — even as opponents of the policy call it reckless. Critics say it doesn’t make sense to allow people to congregate […]

Coronavirus slows, but does not stop, marijuana sales around Michigan

marijuana sales around michigan

WALLED LAKE – The coronavirus didn’t stop marijuana sales around michigan as it didn’t prevent marijuana shops from opening their doors this weekend for a steady stream of people looking to score some legal weed. The Greenhouse of Walled Lake, however, scaled back plans for a big grand opening party Saturday to mark the beginning of recreational […]